Our Venue - Hope Lutheran Church

2174 Departure Bay Road

Hope Lutheran Front Entrance January 2009 is the beginning of the next stage in the life of the Nanaimo Folk Connection. We are moving to a new venue at Hope Lutheran Church, on Departure Bay Road. Hope Lutheran sits directly across Departure Bay Road from the back side of the Brooks Landing Shopping centre where Fairway Market, Home Hardware and Staples are found.

We have been warmly welcomed by the Lutherans. This congregation has a commitment to acoustic music, and runs a monthly coffeehouse very similar to ours but with a social justice focus, also on Fridays, one week prior to our event. Their building is also used by many other community groups throughout the week. Phone the church office at (250) 758-1232 to make enquiries about rentals of this space.

Parking for those less Agile

Handicapped Parking There is one row of parking set aside for those who are less mobile. These spaces are at the front of the building, directly adjacent to the front door and quite clearly marked with the handicapped parking symbol. We ask that you respect these spaces, and that if you are able, for you to continue down the small hill, and into the main parking area at the rear of the building. You can come into the building through the back door, which is painted blue. Come in, turn right along the hall and come up the stairs to find us.

To Find Us From the South

Blue Door at Rear To find the location from the South, come along the old Island Highway through town. Turn right a couple of kilometres past Terminal Park Shopping Centre, taking the second light (not the one which will take you down to the BC Ferry Terminal). Make sure you are in the curb lane. If you get to Zougla's Restaurant in the wrong lane it will be very difficult to make the turn.

The road goes down a small hill, curves to the left and runs along behind Brooks Landing. You will pass another church, then the top edge of Cilaire Elementary School playground, then Hope Lutheran. You can turn right into the grounds, or if you perfer to turn somewhere less busy, you may proceed a few more feet to the light, turn right on Montrose Avenue, & right on Cilaire Drive, then into the back entrance to the parking lot. The driveway is directly past the school zone sign in the photo.

Back driveway

To Find Us From the North

To find the location from the North, come down the old Island Highway through town. You will pass the golf course, and the entrance to Brooks Landing. Turn left at the first light at the end of the shopping centre. This will take you down the little hill and to the left so that you are driving North again, and will take you past the other church, the schoolground and right by the front of the Hope Lutheran as above.

Alternatively, you can turn left at the light near the golf course club house and come along Highland Boulevard to the light, turn left onto Montrose, follow Montrose across Departure Bay, turn right on Cilaire Drive, and into the back entrance to the church parking lot, right next to the school zone sign in the photograph.